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Fortamin Lick Block 20KG

Fortamin is a palatable molasses, calcium and phosphorus block fortified with copper, zinc and selenium for breeding and growing stock grazing in areas where mineral deficiencies may occur. Good level of phosphorus Molasses and protein meal added to ensure acceptance by all stock Improved growth rates in young stock Increased wool growth with better tensile strength Better fertility in breeding stock 20kg, 40kg and 100kg Recommended Intake: (per head/per day) Cattle 100-200g Sheep & Goats 20-40g Directions for use: Place out sufficient blocks so stock have ready access Place blocks near watering points

Pasture Boost Pellet

20kg. MiFeed's Pasture Boost Pellet is a multi-species feed suitable for all animals (Goat, Cattle, Equine, Pig) Pasture Boost is a high protein and energy pellet which is high in Fibre. It is an excellent feed for hobby farms with many different animals. Protein 19%, Energy Mj/kg 11%, Fibre 12%, Calcium 1%

Supreme Calf Feeder - 1 Speed

Our Supreme and Flow Feeders are to the highest of standards. 2.5 litre capacity. Ergonomically designed so that they fit well in your hand while feeding. When mixing milk replacement powder, please follow the manufacturers instructions. Ensure that the milk powder has fully dissolved as undissolved particles will block the valve in the feeder resulting in loss of milk flow. The bottle will empty when the calf is feeding and can be stood up on a flat surface. Made in Australia

Drimol 10% - 20KG

Drimol 10% is a palatable molasses protein block with 10% urea for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep & goats Molasses based for palatability and energy Maintain condition of livestock when feed quality is low 20kg, 40kg and 100kg Recommended Intake: (per head/per day) Dairy Cattle 50-100g Beef Cattle 100-200g Sheep & Goats 20-40g Directions for use: Place out sufficient blocks so stock have ready access Ensure adequate roughage is available Start cattle on Drimol 10 for a fortnight, then Drimol 15 for 1 week and then start on Drimol 20. Never let cattle run out of Drimol 20 for more than 3 days. If they do run out for more than 3 days start on Drimol 10 again. If changing from a high salt block, start on Drimol 10.

Roasted Beef Flakes Mi-Feed 20KG

A premium micronised grain mix used by the serious farmer who appreciates quality. Designed to provide all essential nutrients for maintenance of your beef cattle as well as higher energy for fattening. Lasolocid sodium is added at a rate of 33mg/kg – helps to improve liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency in growing cattle. Helps control the clinical signs of coccidiosis and reduction of faecal shedding caused by Eimeria sp. in growing cattle. Micronised grains allow maximum digestibility and energy utilisation of the grains. Fortified with all minerals and vitamins essential for maintaining health. Molasses is added for palatiability. FEEDING GUIDE Beef Flakes can be fed up to 2.5% of cattle body weight. Feed must be introduced to cattle over a 2 to 3 week period and must be fed in conjunction to a fibre source (pasture and or hay).

Supreme Calf Feed Bottle - 2 LTR

A economical feed bottle which is robust with a sturdy handle. Available in 2 or 3 litre capacity. High quality Supreme calf teat. Made in Australia