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Dog Pro - True Value - Dog Food

Dogpro True Value is a low cost, complete and balanced oven baked kibble that is specifically designed to be used as a maintenance diet for the domestic canine. It is a perfect feed option for the retired, overweight, injured, spelling or non-working greyhound. Key Benefits Ideal for all breeds. Highly palatable extruded kibble. Balanced nutrition for a maintenance diet. Promotes good health and wellbeing of domestic adult dogs. Contains all essential bodybuilding proteins, amino acids and minerals.

Dog Pro - Working Dog

Dogpro Original Working Dog is a nutritionally sustainable feed, providing the right balance of proteins and fats needed to boost energy, strength and stamina levels to keep your mate working from dawn until dusk. Key Benefits Ideal for working dog breeds. Nutritionally complete and balanced formula. Promotes good health and wellbeing of your working dog. Quality proteins help develop and replenish muscles. Optimal fat levels gives your dog the energy to go all day long.