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Easy Rider Cool Mix 20KG

Maintaining behaviour, body condition and a balanced diet of easy keepers and high strung horses is never easy. Mi-Feed Easy Rider Cool Mix is designed especially to meet the nutritional requirements of these horses during work. Easy Rider Cool Mix is an ideal feed for horses used for recreational riding and pony club. Protein 12%, Energy Mj/kg 12%, Fibre 10%, Fat 3%, Calcium 1%

Mi-Cool Horse & Pony Pellets

20kg. MiFeed's Mi-Cool Horse & Pony Pellets are an economical pelletised feed to help maintain your horses condition during spelling and light work. Protein 14%, Energy Mj/kg 10%, Fibre 10%, Fat 2%, Calcium 1%

Pasture Boost Pellet

20kg. MiFeed's Pasture Boost Pellet is a multi-species feed suitable for all animals (Goat, Cattle, Equine, Pig) Pasture Boost is a high protein and energy pellet which is high in Fibre. It is an excellent feed for hobby farms with many different animals. Protein 19%, Energy Mj/kg 11%, Fibre 12%, Calcium 1%

BioMare Cubes

25kg. Extruded Cubes. A one feed solution for breeding farms; BioMare Cubes are scientifically balanced to support fertility and milk production in broodmares + growth and sound development in weanlings, yearlings and 2 year olds. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.


20kg. Chaff & Grain replacer. Cool Super-Fibre pellet for extra calories and protein.

EasiPrep Concentrate

25kg. Show and Sale Preparation. Concentrated formulation allows you to add your own grains or any of the feed from the Pryde’s EasiFeed range when additional calories are needed. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.

Harbison High Fat Diet (HFD)

20kg. A low starch, oat free, high fibre and high fat pellet designed to meet the nutritional needs of horses in hardwork.

Harbison Hind Gut Diet (HGD)

20kg. A low starch, oat free, high fibre and high fat pellet designed to meet the nutritional needs of horses in moderate work, pregnant mares and growing horses.

EasiRide Pellets

20kg. Cool energy feed suitable for pony club mounts, working horses and breakers where calm behaviour is of the utmost importance. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.


25kg. Controlled Performance. Complete Nutrition extruded cube feed for Topline, Condition & Endurance. For use with Equestrian, Sport Horses, Performance Horses and Endurance Horses. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.

Old Timer Four

25kg. Aged Horse Care. An extruded sweet feed nourishing your Horse during its precious twilight years. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.


25kg. A grain free and grain by-product free Pellet feed with less than 1% starch and 6% sugars. Cool energy feed to give calm yet responsive energy. Safe Feed For Horses including those with Laminitis, Ulcers, Tying Up or Hyperactivity. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.


25kg. Controlled Performance. The completely delicious extruded sweet Performance Feed for Fussy Eaters. Great feed for equestrian, sport horses, performance horses, endurance horses. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.


20kg. Energreen's Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets are the ideal low starch, low sugar, super fibre feed for all horses. Comprised of 100% soy hull with no added molasses or other feedstuffs. The gold standard in providing quality fibre to all equines. Maxisoy+ is very easy to feed and provides superior conditioning. Laminitis and EMS safe.

Copra Max

Energreen's Premium Copra Meal is the ideal choice for horses in light to medium work who do not require high energy feeds. It is an excellent weight gain feed that can be used to boost any premix feed, or fed mixed with chaff and minerals as a balanced base diet.