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Carrots 1kg

Fresh Australian grown carrots

Easy Rider Cool Mix 20KG

Maintaining behaviour, body condition and a balanced diet of easy keepers and high strung horses is never easy. Mi-Feed Easy Rider Cool Mix is designed especially to meet the nutritional requirements of these horses during work. Easy Rider Cool Mix is an ideal feed for horses used for recreational riding and pony club. Protein 12%, Energy Mj/kg 12%, Fibre 10%, Fat 3%, Calcium 1%


450ml Bottle Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, an agent that keeps free radicals from forming and potentially weakening cells and tissues. In addition to its antioxidant responsibilities, vitamin E is vital to immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular, and reproductive functions.

Royal Show Grooming Conditioner 5L

A good quality conditioner which is suitable for cattle, horses and pets.

Mi-Cool Horse & Pony Pellets

20kg. MiFeed's Mi-Cool Horse & Pony Pellets are an economical pelletised feed to help maintain your horses condition during spelling and light work. Protein 14%, Energy Mj/kg 10%, Fibre 10%, Fat 2%, Calcium 1%

Royal Show Grooming Conditioner 1L

A good quality conditioner which is suitable for cattle, horses and pets.

Stable Mate Pooperset

This set makes the job so much easier. Generous size moulded polythene scoop. Collect leaves and droppings while minimising the collection of sawdust and shavings behind. Dimensions: 36cm (W) x 76cm (H)

Pasture Boost Pellet

20kg. MiFeed's Pasture Boost Pellet is a multi-species feed suitable for all animals (Goat, Cattle, Equine, Pig) Pasture Boost is a high protein and energy pellet which is high in Fibre. It is an excellent feed for hobby farms with many different animals. Protein 19%, Energy Mj/kg 11%, Fibre 12%, Calcium 1%

Preserve 1kg

Preserve an aid to reducing muscle damage in performance horses. It contains natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, which is more biologically potent than synthetic forms.