Sabco was founded in 1892 in Adelaide, South Australia as the South Australian Brush Company! Mr W.E. Hay formed the South Australian Brush Company with limited production facilities and just three employees. It quickly grew and like most manufacturing at the time, production was carried out by hand Craftsmen and the company's product range covered no more than household brushware.

In 1979, the company established a garden products division, acquiring Melbourne Company Dawn Plastics. Then in 1993, Sabco merged with Tomlin Industries to form a new company, Sabco Australia Ltd. Tomlin, this partnership saw them become leading manufacturers of cleaning products, metal and plastic homewares. They also manufactured Australia’s largest range of metal bins, mop buckets, council and general tidy bins.

Day by day, week by week, the product range expanded and the business grew. It wasn’t long before the company was the largest supplier of brooms & brushware in Australia, and SABCO became a well-known brand!